Now more than ever, your story
is more important than your test scores.

It’s a new day for college admissions.

You are not a number.

With reduced emphasis on SAT and ACT scores, the deciding factor will be you. The story you tell about yourself in your applications and interviews will be vital. For many students, the ability to convey their personal story in a compelling manner will determine who is accepted to the college of their choice, and who is not.

Let Perfect Positive Projections help you to do just that.

Prepare yourself to outfox the competition.

The college admissions process has always been highly competitive. The number of available slots is limited, and each school wants to admit students who they feel are a “good fit” — without revealing precisely what that means.

To stand out among the many applicants competing for relatively few openings, your challenge is to present the best aspects of yourself in ways that highlight your true character and unique strengths. This is much easier said than done.

Many of your peers will underestimate the effort required to craft a truly inspiring essay. 
Perfect Positive Projections will guide you through a focused, individualized process to reveal your personal story. With our coaching, you will turn your personal essays from a weakness to a strength.

Now is the time to reap the rewards of all the work you’ve done.

You are ready. You’ve pounded your way through dense textbooks. Burned the midnight oil cramming for exams. Outrun everyone on the track team. Performed leading roles to rave reviews.

Don’t stop now; these achievements are a core component of the personal resume that colleges will analyze. But it’s important to recognize that many students competing with you for admission will have comparable successes.

Standing out is the key, and that will be accomplished by going beyond simply listing these activities to weaving them into a compelling storyline.

Meet Tamara Franklin

In her role as a Yale University Alumni applicant interviewer, Tamara noted how many promising applicants struggled with the interview and worried about the quality of their essays. Not wanting these aspects of the admissions process to derail otherwise qualified applicants, Ms. Franklin founded Perfect Positive Projections. Among her credentials:

  • Yale University: B.A. degree, English
  • Yale University Alumni applicant interviewer
  • Harvard Business School: M.B.A. degree
  • Vice President and Chief Digital Officer for a global technology corporation
  • Executive Vice President, Digital, for an international mass media company
  • Vice President of Business Development for a global cable network
  • Board Member of a large financial services organization

Ms. Franklin has guided college applicants to acceptance at many top schools including Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania, Oberlin College, and the University of Chicago.

A note to parents

Better grades and test scores have always been important, and your investment in tutoring and learning center services has helped bring your child to the threshold of advancement.

However, while some school counseling offices offer assistance with essays, many students don’t feel comfortable sharing personal or family information that may characterize the truly differentiating attributes that will gain them acceptance at the colleges of their choice. Further, many school guidance counselors are biased by their prior knowledge of the student, and they rarely have enough time to dedicate focused one-on-one attention to your child.

Perfect Positive Projections provides affordable, individualized assistance for your student in the crucial process of defining, shaping, refining, and delivering the messages that college admissions committees use to decide whether your child is passed over, or is admitted to the colleges of their choice.


“The part of the college admissions process I was most apprehensive about was definitely the essay. Although I had been to countless college admissions presentations at my school, I was still unsure about what they were looking for in an essay. Tamara was key in helping me frame my story in a way that was most appealing. Working with her allowed me to turn the essay portion of the application from a weakness into a strength, and I ended up with an essay that was strong enough to win early admission to Yale, my top-choice school.”

“I was extremely fortunate to meet Tamara when I was going through the college application process, as she was able to bring to bear her first-hand experiences with the admissions process. She patiently listened to my story and helped me to crystallize the essence of my message, enabling me to distinguish my story.”

“I do not draw much energy from writing so, as you might imagine, writing college essays was very painful for me. Tamara spent countless hours investing in me and she really helped me find my own voice. To be candid, I don’t know if I would have gotten into Wharton without her assistance. Words cannot express how much I owe her.”

Let’s discuss next steps

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